How to Find the Value of Old Postcards

You’ve got a collection of vintage postcards that you think are worth something. You may be correct, but evaluating the value of older objects can be difficult. There are various tools for determining the age and rarity of a postcard, including appraisers and websites, but you can sometimes tell the age and uniqueness just by looking at it.

Determining Postcard Worth

If you have vintage postcards, the first thing you’ll need to do is figure out how old they are. Based on the type of card, a 1907 postcard could be worth much more than one from just a decade or two ago.

Pioneer postcards, which were produced in the United States between 1873 and 1897, are among the most precious. The flipside of these cards is distinctive in that there is no message, only the address. Till the early 1900s, the postal office prevented people from writing remarks on the backs of postcards.

Researching Old Postcards

There are a number of websites that can assist you in determining the worth of a postcard. These sources can help you figure out how old a card is if it doesn’t have a postmark on it, as well as identify features that can make it unique. If a 1907 postcard was autographed by the artist or was part of a limited-edition printing, its value skyrocketed.

The scenery represented on a postcard is another feature that influences its value. Photographs of ocean liners and railroads are among the most costly postcards, as collectors want to add these unique photographs to their collections. Real Photo Postcards, which feature photographs of homes, families, and other personal situations from the early 1900s, are also prominent.

Protecting Vintage Postcards

Make sure you keep your vintage postcards safe until you can find a place to sell them. Plastic sleeves will keep debris and dirt out while also protecting the paper from yellowing over time. If your postcards are of a regular shape, you can purchase dedicated postcard albums made for them.

Don’t take any risks with the security of your most important postcards. Invest in a waterproof, fireproof safe for your house or keep them in a safe deposit box. The final thing you want is to lose your postcard to a burglar or a natural calamity while you’re waiting for them to appreciate or hunting for the right buyer.

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