Artist Boris Chezar 1913 - 2008 Sand Paint Finish, canvas 12 in x 16 in, frame 17 3/4 x 22 inch

Artist Boris Chezar 1913 - 2008

$500.00 $400.00400.00 SKU #: chezar1 CONDITION:  GRADE: 2 - Painting is in great condition except for some minor cracks in paint only seen from close up. Frame could use minor touch up in stain for its age.
Artist Boris Chezar 1913 - 2008

CATEGORY:   Boris Chezar 1913 - 2008 Born in New York City, one of 5 sons of Russian Immigrants. His abstract work began in the 1970's, painted construction of space and nature themes. After World War II, he began working as a portrait Artist at resorts in the Borrscht Belt of the Catskills Mountains.

SIZE:   canvas 12 inch x 16 inch, Frame 17 3/4 inch x 22 inch

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