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Wooden Postcards


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 sub002933GRADE: 3 - split in wood top edge
hand made
More Infosub002933 sub002933
 wod001002GRADE: 3
Wooden Postcard
More Infowod001002 wod001002
 wod001008GRADE: 2
Wooden Postcard
More Infowod001008 wod001008
 sub031151GRADE: 2
Pueblo belt Weaver
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 sub031299GRADE: 2
card made of Yucca Wood
More Infosub031299 sub031299
shw100053 - Showcase Postcard
 shw100053GRADE: 2 - light scratch on front edge
Bund of Odawara Sosaul
Made of thin wood
More Infoshw100053 shw100053 - Showcase Postcard
sub053883 - Novelty Post Card
 sub053883GRADE: 2 - not a postcard
Made of bark
More Infosub053883 sub053883 - Novelty Post Card
sub053979 - Novelty Post Card
 sub053979GRADE: 2 - writing on front
An old inhabitant, leather card, owl
Prattville, New York, USA
More Infosub053979 sub053979 - Novelty Post Card
sub054029 - Novelty Post Card
 sub054029GRADE: 1
Women of Puebla in Mexico
Yucca wood
More Infosub054029 sub054029 - Novelty Post Card

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