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Artist V.G. Ramos
vgramos1 - Beautiful Oil Painting by Artist V.G. Ramos of Flowers in Vase. The Art canvas itself measures 36 in x 24 in.  With frame, 44 in x 31 in.  VG Ramos has painted many Indian Paintings. This is the first I have seen a different topic. zoom

GRADE: 1 - in great condition, no flaws seen

Artist V.G. Ramos Oil Painting
Flowers in Vase, Canvas 36 in x 24 in, Frame, 44 in x 31 in.
$1,800.00 USD
Artist Zvi Raphaeli 1924 - 2005
raphaeli1 - Biography Used with Permission from askart.com<br> 
Artist Zvi Raphaeli, Israeli Impressionist Born 1924 Suez Egypt, Died 2005. Educated in Paris from age 3. He was member of the French resistance during WW II.  He resided in Israel and USA. zoom

GRADE: 1 - Lithograph is in very nice condition, frame has some scratches and paint chips.

Artist (Tzvi) Zvi Raphaeli 1924 - 2005
Lithograph a/p of 250, Artist Proof 24 in x 18 in, Frame 32 in x 26 in
$1,200.00 USD
Artist David Pelbam 1932 - 2004
pelbam1 - Biography Used with permission from askart.com<br>
David Pelbam was born in 1932.  He was a local artist in Rhode Island.  He did his works between 1950 and 1960 only.  He is most famous for painting portraits of dockworkers, ship captains, and rabbis.

Example(s) of this artist's work:

GRADE: 2 - very slight wear on painting with small pin tip size chips in art, in general the art is in great shape.
Artist David Pelbam 1932 - 2004
oil on board, 10 in x 8 in, frame 11 1/2 x 9 1/2
$250.00  $175.00 USD
Artist Emilio Moncayo 1895 - 1970
moncayo1 - Artist Emilio Moncayo (1895 - 1970) Born in Quito Ecador, became one of the most important South American Artist of his Generation. zoom

GRADE: 2 - Light paint cracks in painting from age, in general, painting is in very nice condition.

Artist Emilio Moncayo 1895 - 1970
Oil on Board 11 in x 16 in, Frame 14 3/4 in x 20 in
$400.00 USD
Artist August Lenox 1908 - 1986
lenox1 - Biography from the Archives of askart.com Used with permission. 
Submitted March 2004 by Ettore Ragone, friend of the artist, and written by Art World Security, Inc. Ingram, Texas.

Mr. August Lenox was born in 1908, in a sod house homestead on the plains of North Dakota (exact location unknown) and died December 6, 1986 in Hemet, California. As a young boy, he was fascinated by the adventures and lives of pirates and painted several scenes of them on canvases. He also wrote several stories about their lives. In the1950s, he worked for Walt Disney illustrating comic magazines for children.

Lenox became a permanent resident of the Texas Hill Country where he painted western subjects in oil of cowboys and Indians that are lean, tough men with grime dust and blood on them from a hard life working cattle and fighting on the open range-land.

He painted these true-to-life stories into his canvases because he lived them as part of the Chuck Wagon West. Now in his middle sixties, long gone from the Cow Camps, Lenox paints the passing scenes of our Wild West. While not anti-social this man was neither a mixer nor joiner but one of the real Cow Pokes of the open range Cow Camps. He painted western art based on a true story in every painting.

Lenox accompanied the Crow Indians on their annual Buffalo Hunt back in 1957 and rode with Ralph Iron and George Old Elf Jr. for eight days in the Big Horns above the Crow Agency in Montana. This experience inspired twenty large paintings showing the story of the Buffalo and their near extermination, at the hands of the white man.
Mrs. John Love, wife of the ex-Governor of Colorado, owns one of Lenox's original 24 X 30 oils.

A permanent Foundation has been established in Los Angeles to house several series of Lenox's Historical Paintings about the early West. The first of this series which includes the twenty large paintings that tell the tragic story of the great buffalo slaughter has been completed and hung. Other series are being painted at this time.

August Lenox served three and one-half years in the U.S. Coast Guard during World War II and painted battle scenes for the Navy. Many of these scenes were used for selling War Bonds. In 1955, Lenox won two first-place awards from the Thomas Alva Edison Foundation. These awards were voted on by members of 36 National Organizations with an aggregate membership of over thirty million. The Directors voted to recommend Lenox's art works to their member organizations. Lenox received a personal letter of thanks and congratulations from Hon. Charles Edison dated March 30, 1956. Mr. Lenox was also awarded a Maggie Award from the Motion Picture Industry.  zoom

GRADE: 1 - watercolor is in great conditon. There is yellowing fading from exposure to light on paper seen after change to larger perimiter border in new frame.

Artist August (Curley) Lenox 1908 - 1986
watercolor 16 in x 14in, glass frame 18.5 inch x 16.5 inch.
$500.00 USD
Artist KK Wong 1951 -
kkwong1 - Artist KK Wong, Oil Painting of Asian man holding child,  Painting is in Frame, Frame has little paint chips as seen on photos. canvas 24 inch x 18 inch, with frame 29 inch x 23 inch
Here is some info on the artist.

1951 Born in Shanghai, China.
1966 Quits school altogether because of the Cultural Revolution. Has more time to study painting that has been declared politically unsuitable. Learns secretly to paint at home.

1970 Moved to the rural areas of Anhui Province and become a member of the local production corps.

1974 Settled in Hong Kong.

1979 First Solo Exhibition-- Portrait paintings, held at the City Hall of Hong Kong.

1980 A series of paintings on Biblical themes, executed in Asian style, featured in the Vengo IL Tuo Regno magazine of Italy.

1983 On tour of 70 days in England, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Greece.

1987 Became a member of the Hong Kong Artists' Guide.

1989 Travels across America during August followed by a brief sojourn in New York.
Participated in a joint exhibition at the Lincoln Center, New York City, in September.
Paintings exhibited at Santa Monica Merging Gallery, California, in December.
An Exclusive Interview from PLAYBOY Magazine, by Xiao Yang Chung.

1990 Paintings exhibited at Southampton Garett Stephens Gallery, New York City, in June.
Paintings exhibited at Galerie Marihube, uptown New York City, in October.

1991 Second Solo Exhibition at the Hong Kong Cultural Center, in May.
Third Solo Exhibition at the Cosmos Ltd., Hong Kong, in August.
Fourth Solo Exhibition at Shenzhen Museum of China, in July.
An Exclusive Interview from ELLE Magazine, by Hui Hui.

1992 Fifth Solo Exhibition at Shanghai Oil Painting and Sculpture Institute of China, in April.
Sixth Solo Exhibition Duo Yun Gallery of Shanhai, in May 1993 An Exclusive Interview from Marie Claire Magazine, by Natsumi Itoh, Japan.

1994 Exhibition entitled zoom

GRADE: 1 - painting is in great condition, frame has a few paint chips on inside edges seen on pictures.

Artist K.K. Wong Oil Painting
Asian Man Holding Child, canvas 24 inch x 18 inch, Frame 29 inch x 23 inch
$1,500.00 USD
Artist M. Kinoshita 1925 - 2003
kinoshita1 - Beautiful Oil Painting by Artist Masao Kinoshita who goes by M. Kinoshita when he signs. Kinoshita was born in California in 1925 and Spent most of his Childhood in Japan, returning to USA at age 15. He earned his Bachlor of Architecture in 1955 from Cornell University, and received a Master of Science in Japanese History from Kyoto University in 1957 later attending Harvard Graduate School of Design, receiving his masters in 1961. From 1977 to 1990, M. Kinoshita was a professor at Ohio State University. He died in 2003. Masoa Kinoshita's paintings rarely go on the market for sale since he gave them to his associates and friends.  This painting is in Excellent Condition.  In this condition, his work is very sought after. zoom

GRADE: 1 - Painting is in great condition, no paint chips or scratches. Frame has normal light wear for a vintage wood frame.

Artist (Masao) M. Kinoshita 1925 - 2003
canvas 19.5 in x 24 in, frame 27 in x 31 in
$10,000.00 USD
Artist Boris Chezar 1913 - 2008
chezar1 - Boris Chezar 1913 - 2008 Born in New York City, one of 5 sons of Russian Immigrants. His abstract work began in the 1970's, painted construction of space and nature themes. After World War II,  he began working as a portrait Artist at resorts in the Borrscht Belt of the Catskills Mountains. zoom

GRADE: 2 - Painting is in great condition except for some minor cracks in paint only seen from close up. Frame could use minor touch up in stain for its age.

Artist Boris Chezar 1913 - 2008
canvas 12 in x 16 in, frame 17 3/4 x 22 inch
$500.00  $400.00 USD

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