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Alaska’s past includes the art and craft of common people which is mainly influenced by today’s Alaskan culture. The interest in cultural activities is very strong among the people. Alaska involves eight well-defined physiographic and ecological areas. A large part of the mainland panhandle region,  a narrow strip of land of 25 to 50 miles (40 to 80 km) wide lying east and south of the St. Elias Mountains, is made out of the Boundary Ranges. Alaska’s temperature is coldest, and people and animals struggle to eat, live and shield warm. Immensely bad weather means no connection with the outside for a few days. You can explore Alaska postcard or Arizona Postcards on our website.

Alaska old-time bridges

The copper river and northwestern railway and related spans were worked somewhere in the range of 1906 and 1911 by Michael James Heney. This bridge was the most important for the people. However, its utilization as a railroad bridge ended in 1938 when the Copper Stream and Northwestern Rail routes shut down. This bridge once served the Copper Waterway and Northwestern Railroad prepares and was switched over completely to a Parkway Extension in 1958. The Extension crosses the Copper Waterway between two grand and dynamic icy masses. The Childs’s Ice sheet toward the west and the Miles Glacial mass toward the east. Known as the Million Dollar Extension, and developed during serious winter conditions. It was viewed as one of the most incredible design accomplishments ever.

The scaffold was among many impacted by 1964 The Frozen North seismic tremor – while different extensions along the Copper Stream Expressway from Cordova to Chitina were annihilated, the Million Dollar Scaffold was “simply harmed”. One of the scaffold ranges, sneaked off its establishment after the earthquake. The scaffold was put on the Public Register of Noteworthy Spots in 2000.

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Explore the different categories of Alaska postcards such as Largest City in Alaska, spectacular aerial view, Founded in 1914, Fifth Avenue, The Great Alaskan Earthquake, Alaska Methodist University, University of Alaska, Indian Burial Grounds, Ship Creek, Chapel By the Sea, real photo Lake Sprenard, Seal Hunt, First Presbyterian Church, 4th Ave, Matanuska Farm, Two Level Hillside House, Two Level Hillside House, Grade School 1939, High School and Auditorium, Providence Hospital, Rusts flying service, Rusts flying service, Former old Indian Village, Original Russian Trading Post, Sky View, Kadashan Totems, The Fishing Fleet, Greetings from, Federal Building and Post Office, Fishing Fleet and Deer, Fishing Fleet and Deer, Tongass Narrows, Tongass Narrows, The First City in Alaska, Waterfront, Old Kasaan-Hyda Indian Villiage, Salmon Fishing Season, Waterwheel, Waterwheel, Totem Pole of Thlinget, Bear Totem, Chiefs House & Totem, Totem Poles Residences of Haida Indians, Main Street Salmon Capitol, Main Street Salmon Capitol, Water Front, Totem Pole of Thlinget Chief Kian, Deer Mountain, Trolling Boats, Trolling Boats, Park, Up Tongass Narrows, Up Tongass Narrows, Salmon Leaping, Salmon Leaping falls, Waterfront Scene, and Tongass Narrows, Real Photo Newtown, First Falls on Creek, Mission Street, Chief Johnsons Totem, The Indian Ceremonial House, The Colorful forty-ninth state, Chief Johnsons Totem & Residence, Totem Poles Saxman ParkPan American World Airways Clippers, Indian Cemetery, Indian Tribal House, Raven Flood Totem, Rock Oyster Totem, Totems, Front Street, Thomas Basin, Tonguss Narrows, Thwaites, Birds Eye View,  Chief Shakes Totem, Bear Totem Store, Real Photo Totem, Air View, Famous Chief Shakes Totem, Petersburg and Narrows, Shakes Grave Totems, Kicksetti Totem, Sun And Sea Lion Prince Totems, and many more 1000+ postcards.

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