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Cuba is mainly a Catholic country. One more huge religion in Cuba is Santería. Santería is a mix of Catholicism and conventional Yoruba religions. At the point when African slaves previously showed up in Cuba during the sixteenth hundred years, they were shown a couple of straightforward supplications and were purified through baptism by the Spanish. Cuba’s way of life is a rich combination of African, Spanish, and Caribbean pastimes; the food, the religions, and obviously the music and movies all join components of the Old World and the New. People used to celebrate festivals or occasions by sending a Cuba Postcard to friends, family, or colleagues far away. 

5 Cuba Country’s Traditions that inspire you to Go their 

  • New Year’s Eve Traditions in Cuba
  • The Ritual of Enjoying A Cigar
  • Eat, Eat, Eat
  • Dance, Dance, Dance
  • Baseball is King in Cuba

8 amazing and rarely known Facts about Cuba

Cuba is a country well known for its classic cars, world-famous freedom fighters, and astonishing cigars, in fact, there are so many other things also that make the Caribbean island such an engaging place.

  1. Burning Rag Dolls is New Year’s Eve custom
  2. Cuba has one of the greatest literacy rates in the world
  3. Christmas was restricted for a long time
  4. Dominoes is a public Cuban past-time
  5. Santeria is the second most famous religion after Catholicism
  6. Cuba’s fundamental music genre is Son
  7. Bumming a ride is a typical method of traveling
  8. Cuba is home to the smallest birds on the planet

Importance of sharing a Cuba Postcard

Cuba is a country of different festivals. People used to celebrate different occasions and festivals together with a cheerful mood. Most people share gifts during the time of festival celebration. The most grateful gift to share is a Cuba Postcard. People buy a traditional Cuban card as a greeting card to greet their known people in a different style. 

The best festivals celebrated by Cuba people

  • Havana Film Festival
  • Havana Biennial
  • International Jazz Festival
  • CubaDisco
  • Havana Ballet Festival
  • Festival del Habano
  • Festival del Son Matamoros
  • Carnival
  • Pepe Sanchez Trova Festival
  • Festival del Caribe
  • International Choir Festival

Colored and Black & White photography Postcards

Colored photography postcards: Colombus Memorial Chapel, old Cannons at Cabana, Columbus Cathedral, Lighthouse in Morro Castle, La Catedral, Capitol Building, Holiday, Altar at San Francisco Church, Produce Exchange, Isle of Pines Orange Grove, Vista Desde un Aeroplno, National Capitol Building, and many more in numbers. 

Black & white photography postcards: View of the National Hotel, Main Plaza and Memorial,  paper chip left top corner Paseo de Marie Pardo, wear top and bottom edge Prado after the hurricane,  paper glued on back side Real Photo, Kawama Beach Club, Santiago, Cuban Ox Team, Alameda Michaelson, Cuba,  La Terraza del Mamoncillo, Monumento en la Ruta del Ejercito de Los Andes, Arado Cubano, Calle Marina, Road Puerto Boniato, Cuban Hut Pinar Del Rio, Cuban Native Hut, Planta Electrica, and more in a number of designs of photography cards. 

Why choose old postcards for Cuba antique Postcards?
Old postcards is a house of all the traditional cards and templates. We have a large collection of traditional Cuba Postcard of different categories. All our postcards are beautiful and attractive and available in huge quantities. From the collection of cards some of the examples are like Colon Park, Shade Grown Tobacco,  paper glued on back side, Kawama Beach Club, Shopping Market Santiago, very light tear bottom edge, postal marking on front Corte de Cana, Corte de Cana, small paper chip left bottom corner Sugar Plantation, Hotel Nacional de Cuba Gulf of Mexico, Harvesting Sugar Can Regogiendo Cana, Una Casa de Campo, Cuban Ox Team, paper chip top right edge Colon Park, Cathering Oranges, Tobacco Plantation, Ox Team Hauling Sugar Cane Central Rosario, Cutting Tobacco Grown Under Shade, All Cuban, Sugar Mill Cuba, paper wear on back from being in album Tobacco Plantation Cuba, Alameda Michaelson, Typical Cuban Scenery, Cuba, Cuban Village, Tobacco Fields Pinar Del Rio, Entrance at a Sugar Plantation, Sugar Mill, Guines Road, Primitive Plow, Carretera Central, La Terraza del Mamoncillo, Guines Road, Ploughing in Cuba, Cuban Country Scene, Cuban West Nurse, Cuban Milk Vender, Oxen Hauling Sugar Cane,  a lot of corner wear Aldea Cubana, Cutting Sugar Cane, Rifle Burns real photo,  Babies Feeding, Ox Cart & Natives, Arado Cubano, Oxen Hauling Sugar Cane, Aldea Cubana, Sugar Mill, Entrance at a Sugar Plantation, Cuban Pack Train, Tobacco Barn, wear right top corner Recreation Park, and many more in 1000+ photography cards.

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