Arist KK Wong Asian Man Holding Child

Artist K.K. Wong Oil Painting

$1,500.001500.00 SKU #: kkwong1 CONDITION:  GRADE: 1 - painting is in great condition, frame has a few paint chips on inside edges seen on pictures.
Artist K.K. Wong (Born 1951 -

CATEGORY:   Artist KK Wong, Oil Painting of Asian man holding child, Painting is in Frame, Frame has little paint chips as seen on photos. canvas 24 inch x 18 inch, with frame 29 inch x 23 inch
Here is some info on the artist. 1951 Born in Shanghai, China. 1966 Quits school altogether because of the Cultural Revolution. Has more time to study painting that has been declared politically unsuitable. Learns secretly to paint at home. 1970 Moved to the rural areas of Anhui Province and become a member of the local production corps. 1974 Settled in Hong Kong. 1979 First Solo Exhibition-- Portrait paintings, held at the City Hall of Hong Kong. 1980 A series of paintings on Biblical themes, executed in Asian style, featured in the Vengo IL Tuo Regno magazine of Italy. 1983 On tour of 70 days in England, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Greece. 1987 Became a member of the Hong Kong Artists' Guide. 1989 Travels across America during August followed by a brief sojourn in New York. Participated in a joint exhibition at the Lincoln Center, New York City, in September. Paintings exhibited at Santa Monica Merging Gallery, California, in December. An Exclusive Interview from PLAYBOY Magazine, by Xiao Yang Chung. 1990 Paintings exhibited at Southampton Garett Stephens Gallery, New York City, in June. Paintings exhibited at Galerie Marihube, uptown New York City, in October. 1991 Second Solo Exhibition at the Hong Kong Cultural Center, in May. Third Solo Exhibition at the Cosmos Ltd., Hong Kong, in August. Fourth Solo Exhibition at Shenzhen Museum of China, in July. An Exclusive Interview from ELLE Magazine, by Hui Hui. 1992 Fifth Solo Exhibition at Shanghai Oil Painting and Sculpture Institute of China, in April. Sixth Solo Exhibition Duo Yun Gallery of Shanhai, in May 1993 An Exclusive Interview from Marie Claire Magazine, by Natsumi Itoh, Japan. 1994 Exhibition entitled "Life Drawing" at Visage Too, Shek O, Hong Kong, in June. Seventh Solo Exhibition at Antique & Art Cool, Central Hong Kong, in December. 1995 "Life Drawing" by K. K. Wong at the Artland Gallery, Hong Kong, in September. 1997 Painting Exhibition at Gallery Schimmel Center for the Arts of Pace University in September.

SIZE:   canvas 24 inch x 18 inch, with frame 29 inch x 23 inch

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