Artist (Masao) M. Kinoshita Oil Painting Beautiful Landscape of Mountains River and Rock. canvas 19.5 in x 24 in, frame 27 in x 31 in

Artist (Masao) M. Kinoshita 1925 - 2003

$10,000.0010000.00 SKU #: kinoshita1 CONDITION:  GRADE: 1 - Painting is in great condition, no paint chips or scratches. Frame has normal light wear for a vintage wood frame.
Artist (Masao) M. Kinoshita 1925 - 2003

CATEGORY:   Beautiful Oil Painting by Artist Masao Kinoshita who goes by M. Kinoshita when he signs. Kinoshita was born in California in 1925 and Spent most of his Childhood in Japan, returning to USA at age 15. He earned his Bachlor of Architecture in 1955 from Cornell University, and received a Master of Science in Japanese History from Kyoto University in 1957 later attending Harvard Graduate School of Design, receiving his masters in 1961. From 1977 to 1990, M. Kinoshita was a professor at Ohio State University. He died in 2003. Masoa Kinoshita's paintings rarely go on the market for sale since he gave them to his associates and friends. This painting is in Excellent Condition. In this condition, his work is very sought after.

SIZE:   canvas 19 1/2 inch x 24 inch, with frame 27 inch x 31 inch.

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